Beckhoff: Embedded PC Enhances Communication Flexibility

The CX8093 is equipped with a PROFINET interface and the option to integrate a virtual device.

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The DIN rail mounted unit is economical, small and equipped with a 400 MHz ARM9 CPU for ultra compact PC-based control; it is suitable as a stand-alone controller for a wide range of industrial applications in smaller sized machines or systems and can be used as a tie-in to larger PROFINET systems. It is equipped with a PROFINET RT device interface designed as a 2-port switch for daisy-chain cabling. It features a virtual device that can be used to double the process data size or to connect a second controller; when the optional virtual device (slave interface) is activated, the unit behaves like two PROFINET devices and can process twice the amount of PROFINET process data. The network names of the two devices can be set via the address switch or in software using the company's TwinCAT System Manager. The IP settings are allocated by the PROFINET controller. The virtual device also makes it possible to communicate with a second PROFINET controller, which is a simple way to increase system availability.

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