ABB JOKAB: Light Curtains and Light Grids

Focus II Light Curtains and Light Grids offer complete range of features in one low cost package.

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An updated version of the company's Focus product line, a single light curtain or light grid model can be used for all applications, eliminating the need to order or stock multiple versions for varying machine safety requirements. Light curtains and grids protect personnel from potentially hazardous machinery, robots or automated systems by creating a protection field with infrared beams, that, if interrupted, trigger a safety mechanism that immediately stops the machinery. These light curtains and light grids consist of two optical units, a transmitter and a receiver, which are continuously scanned, quickly detecting any objects that break the optical barrier. If any light beam is interrupted, machine movement is stopped. The reaction time varies from 14 ms to 45 ms, depending on the number of beams in the light curtain or grid. Five LEDs in the receiver and the two in the transmitter show the status of the light curtain.

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