Schneider Electric: 22 mm Push Buttons and More

The Harmony XB7 line of 22 mm monolithic push buttons, switches and pilot lights are for control applications that require durable units that are also compact in size and easy to install.

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The line incorporates push buttons, pilot lights, illuminated pushbuttons (available in six color versions along with illuminated functions with integrated LED), selector and key switches, as well as emergency stop push buttons - all with UL, CSA and CE approvals. The monolithic body with a circular plastic bezel secures from the back, providing an increased level of protection for people and installations. Units mount on machines or control panels with only one nut and four terminals, offering a combination of ease in wiring and IP 20 finger protection. The control and signaling units have been designed for long-life durability, offering up to 70,000 hours of operation for pilot lights and 1,000,000 operations for push buttons. With an IP65 (NEMA 12) rating and very high resistance to vibrations, the units provide high performance in diverse industrial environments, such as packaging, machine processing, and building management (HVAC, electrical distribution, and lighting). A special addition to the series is a new emergency stop button with a green mark on the body to allow for visual indication of the contact status.

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