Yokogawa: PLC Programming Tool

The enhanced version of the WideField3 programming tool is for the FA-M3V range-free multi-controller.

Aw 19534 1311np Yokogawa

Debugging and analysis of PLC programs can be time-consuming processes. Until now, equipment developers usually have had to check their PLC's programs by using a sampling trace function or, if they required a real-time logic analysis capability, by creating and running their own debugging programs. Live Logic Analyzer, a near real-time logic analysis function, gives the programming tool the ability to display data that shows the status of a PLC program as it runs on a sequence CPU module. This improves work efficiency by enabling engineers to monitor a program's execution status while they collect the program execution data. At any one time the tool can display control data for up to 96 points. This data can be displayed graphically in a single window, enabling even maintenance personnel who are not familiar with PLC ladder programs to pinpoint problem causes easily. This improves the efficiency of debugging and problem analysis.

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