Pepperl+Fuchs: Inductive Coupling Devices

These additions to the WIS family allow power and signal coupling to be transferred across an air gap of up to 20 mm.

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These new flat pack wireless devices allow sensors to be connected to moveable platforms without the worry about twisting and rotating cables. Applications include rotating tables, moving pallets, modular tooling platforms and sliding fixtures. The units can interface to eight PNP sensors via a single interface block. Multiple secondary modules can be connected to a single primary, whether they are being used for inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic or photoelectric sensing. The devices are powered by 24 VDC. Unlike mechanical-contact-based connection systems, inductively coupled power and signal systems allow a wireless transfer of signals from a primary system side to an exchangeable or moveable secondary side. This allows sensors to be placed onto an exchangeable machine cartridge element and have the electrical signals passed across an air gap to the control system auxiliary or main control panel.

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