Wago: Potentiometer Signal Conditioner

The JUMPFLEX857-809 offers conversion of a potentiometer signal to a variety of standard analog signal types.

Aw 20939 1402np Wago

The potentiometer signal conditioner features a wide range of input signals (10 to 100 kohms) with configuration available via DIP-switches, teach-in switches, configuration software or the JUMPFLEX To-Go app for Android mobile devices. The unit outputs precise signal values with less than 0.1% transmission error and offers an operating temperature range of -25 to 70 °C (-13 to 158 ºF). Other features include the company's CAGE CLAMPS connection technology, as well as a convenient and economical option for programming and monitoring. The potentiometer signal conditioner can be utilized across a variety of applications including hydraulic lift/stage, robotic controls, position control and rotary positioning.

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Wago Corporation

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