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The XS26-2 is expandable for a wide range of assembly applications.

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The controller features Boolean logic for programming flexibility and monitors input devices including e-stop buttons, rope pulls, enabling devices, protective safety stops, interlocked guards or gates, optical sensors, two-hand controls, and safety mats. A variety of options and configurations allows users to purchase only the capabilities they need, with ability to add on in the future. The base controller offers 26 inputs and two dual safety outputs, allowing users to connect safety devices to a single controller instead of multiple relay modules. Eight of its 26 inputs can be configured as outputs for efficient terminal utilization. It can handle up to eight optional expansion modules to monitor up to 128 I/O devices. Free software included with the controller provides an intuitive, graphical programming environment for easy implementation. Ease-of-use features include real-time live display feedback and intuitive functional diagram configuration. The unit's compact DIN rail housing, 45mm wide x 110mm tall, conserves control panel space. The controller is certified to Safety Category 4, Performance Level e. Suggested applications are in medium and large assembly machines and lines, both manual and automated.

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