Rockwell: Distributed Control System

The PlantPAx process automation system has enhanced virtualization, batch management and integrated motor control capabilities.

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This extends the capabilities of the company's DCS platform to simplify design, deployment, operation and maintenance. Integrated Virtualization makes it easier for users to implement virtualization. Built into the core documentation of the system is a selection guide that provides guidance and best practices for adopting a virtualized automation system. Upgraded batch software tightly integrates with the DCS for a range of applications, from small, basic sequencing to large, complex batch and sequencing. With new version-control capabilities, the software automatically tracks recipe changes and genealogy, and provides approval traceability in order to more easily manage recipes. This helps simplify the management of recipes throughout their life cycle. Through premiere integration with motor control devices the system eases motor control configuration and delivers advanced diagnostic information directly to the operator at the HMI level. This helps ease maintenance activities and allows operators to diagnose issues before they occur. System users can monitor key process conditions leveraging the EtherNet/IP network. Tying intelligent motor devices into the unified, plantwide control architecture helps make an immediate, measurable impact on asset availability, operational efficiency and energy management.

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