ProSoft: ControlLogix to Moore APACS Module for DCS Migration

The CLX-APACS module enables a ControlLogix/Plant-PAx system to control Moore/Siemens APACS+ IO Bus remote I/O racks.

Aw 86829 1508np Prosoft

This provides the ability to execute a phased migration of old Moore APACS DCS systems, and to complete the upgrade with minimal scheduled downtime. Features include Monitor mode, which allows testing of the ControlLogix program's execution against the ACM controller's program, in real time; and Master mode, which allows the user to remove the APACS+ ACM controller and control the process from a ControlLogix PLC. The module supports all standard APACS+ digital and analog I/O modules, and up to 39 IO Bus cards per network segment. The unit will automatically import the current APACS+ I/O configuration from the Siemens 4-mation software's object file, while configuration files are downloaded to the module through RSLinx Classic. The unit supports up to 4464 discrete points, or up to 1116 analog points, or any combination thereof, while diagnostic data from the APACS+ network is mapped into the ControlLogix processor and an auto-configuration feature maps the APACS+ I/O data into tags in the ControlLogix processor.

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