Operator Interfaces for Special Environments

Monitors and panel PCs are suitable for use in hygienic production areas, such as in the food industry, and also meet the requirements of the chemical, oil and gas industries.

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The new stainless steel Simatic Inox Pro devices have IP66K protection, and are suitable for use in hygienic production areas in the food and tobacco, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and fine chemical industries. The devices have an analog-resistive 19-inch touch display covered by a contiguous, chemically resistant decorative foil, plus food grade seals and splinter protection for the display. The stainless steel enclosure is ground with a 240 grain size, which produces a surface smooth enough to protect against contamination. Units are available either as the IPC277D Inox Pro industrial PC or as the IFP1900 Inox Pro Ethernet monitor. All new devices can be mounted on a stand or a jointed arm. The Simatic Ex OG panel PC is designed for use in the chemicals, oil and gas industries. It has IP66 protection throughout, and is designed for use from -40 to 65 ºC. It is suitable for use in hazardous zones 1/21 and 2/22. The panel PC is available in versions with either a 4:3 format 15-inch or a 16:9 format 22-inch display. The capacitive, multitouch glass display with automatic brightness regulation is reflection-free, even under direct sunlight. The unit has a fast Intel Core i7 processor, an eight gigabyte memory, and a 300 GB SSD (solid-state drive). A camera, Bluetooth, WLAN and RFID reader are available as optional extras.

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