Wireless I/O System

The Multi-Point Wireless I/O system from ProSoft allows users to transfer I/O or Modbus data to and from multiple locations without wires, conduit, trenching, or permits.

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The secure system deploys quickly and can be used inside or outdoors in a variety of industries, and can be expanded as the needs of the user's application expand. Three module types—two analog and one digital—allow users to customize their setups. The system can be used in three different modes: I/O to I/O, I/O to Modbus serial, and Modbus serial to Modbus serial. The digital module also serves as a counter. The system also features RF and I/O fail detection and reporting: Link statuses can be mapped to any I/O modules in the system, or communicated via Modbus to the host controller. Wireless range can be up to 30 miles or 48.3 km (peer to peer) on 900 or 915 MHz FHSS, up to 5 miles or 8 km (peer to peer) on 2.4 GHz DSSS and up to 3 miles or 5 km (peer to peer) on 868 MHz FHSS. Radios can act as repeaters for even longer distances, and up to 1,000 radios are possible in a scalable solution.

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