New Version of EtherCAT Minimizes Field-Level Cabling and Assembly Costs

Beckhoff’s IP 67-rated EtherCAT P I/O puts EtherCAT communication and power supply on a standard four-wire Ethernet cable.

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This eliminates the need for separate power lines, providing direct power for both slaves and the connected sensors and actuators. This makes the EtherCAT bus appropriate for connecting small remote I/O stations in terminal boxes and for decentralized I/O components located throughout the process. A full range of system and I/O components in protection class IP 67 and four -wire Ethernet cables is available for the 24 V I/O level. The power supply from EtherCAT P is rated at 2x 24 V DC/3A. For connecting sensors and actuators with power supply, users can integrate any of the company’s EP Box modules in the new EPP versions for EtherCAT P. These include a variety of four, eight and 16-channel digital input box modules; four, eight, 16 and 24-channel digital output modules; numerous four, eight and 16-channel IP 67 I/Os with combined digital inputs/outputs; as well as RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 serial interfaces. There are also new EPP Box modules for analog input and output quantities, such as ±10 V/0-20 mA, differential/absolute pressures, as well as data from resistance sensors, thermocouples and incremental encoders.

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