Intrinsically Safe I/O Modules

Two new 4-channel intrinsically safe modules from Wago are approved for wiring to devices located in hazardous zones 1/21 and 0/20.

Aw 120832 1705np Wago

The 750-539 module is a four-channel intrinsically safe digital output module that is engineered to operate intrinsically safe solenoid valves in the hazardous areas of Zone 0+1. All outputs are electronically short circuit-protected. The 750-486 module is a four-channel intrinsically safe analog input module for monitoring field devices. Each channel on this module can be individually configured for measurement ranges of 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, or 3.6 to 21 mA. Both modules offer diagnostics per channel indicating short circuits and wire breaks. Regulated power for these modules is supplied by the company’s 750-606 Ex I 1 Amp power supply module.

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