Gas Chromatograph Oven with Integrated Controller

The PGC5000 from ABB requires less space and costs less to install than similar systems.

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The unit offers a low initial investment solution by integrating the single board computer directly into the company’s PGC5000B or PGC5000C gas chromatograph ovens. This not only eliminates the costs associated with having one dedicated controller per oven, but also reduces the overall size of the analyzer shelter. The unit offers user interface flexibility in three options: Class 1, Division 2/Zone 2 (Division 1/Zone 1 also available) portable notebook PC with wireless or wired Ethernet connection to the ovens, or standard PC networked to the analyzer LAN with wireless or wired Ethernet connection to the ovens. The third interface option is a single controller that can control and serve as the UI for all ovens in a single shelter. The first and second UI options allow for the use of STAR, analyzer maintenance system software, and for each connected oven to be controlled and displayed on the same user interface. A secure Wi-Fi wireless access point is available, with an adjustable transmission distance that limits the connection range to within the shelter. A single PG5000A controller can connect to all ovens with integrated controller on the same network, using the logical address (analyzer tag name).

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