Network-Based Control System

Nov. 26, 2017
The newest version of the STARDOM system from Yokogawa includes a new E2 bus interface module that has been developed for use in FCN-500 autonomous controller extension units.

This makes possible the construction of systems that have more I/O points and cover a wider area. STARDOM is a network-based control system that consists of the FCN autonomous controller, the VDS web-based HMI, and the FAST/TOOLS SCADA package. Enhancements include tripling the number of connectable units, one hundred times the transmission distance and duplexing of bus and improved environmental resistance for improved reliability. As with previous versions, it is possible to check the operating status of the modules in the extension units and quickly detect any malfunctions using the VDS HMI, FAST/TOOLS SCADA, and other means, and any damaged modules can be replaced without having to shut down the FCN-500 controller. In addition, the new extension bus interface module has been built to withstand ambient temperatures as extreme as ?20 and 70 °C (-4 and 158 ºF).

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