Relay Output Module for DAS

Dataforth has added a discrete relay output module to the MAQ20 system.

Aw 166852 1801np Dataforth

The MAQ20-DORLY20 module offers 20 isolated SPST latching relay output channels that can switch between 2 A at 30 V and 0.4 A at 150 V. Each channel has contact state readback to verify the physical output state. Relays can be controlled individually or in blocks and have user configurable default output states that are set upon power up, power loss, and module reset to ensure failsafe operation. Other features include advanced output functions, user defined logic polarity, and fast switching times. Field output connections are made through high density spring cage terminal blocks. Reserve power is stored and used for predictable shutdown to user-defined relay states upon loss of module power. Output-to-bus isolation is a robust 1500 Vrms and each individual channel is protected up to 150 Vrms continuous overload in case of inadvertent wiring errors. 150 Vrms channel-to-channel isolation gives the module the ability to control equipment with or without common signal grounds or different pieces of equipment with multiple reference potentials. Like all modules in the series, this unit is designed for installation in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and has a high level of immunity to environmental noise commonly present in heavy industrial environments.

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