SIL 2/3 Certified Vortex Meters

Rosemount 8800 Vortex Flow Meters have SIL 2/3 functional safety certification per IEC 61508.

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The non-clog vortex meters offer safety and reliability features such as online removable sensors to reduce process downtime and a critical process valve for aggressive applications, which increases personnel safety by preventing exposure to hazardous fluids. A variety of configurations are available, including flanged, wafer, reducer, dual, and quad meter body styles, supporting installations up to 12-inch (300 mm) line sizes. Per an accredited 3rd party assessment, a single meter may be used up to SIL 2. The Dual Vortex meter is capable of up to SIL 3 and offers a simple drop-in solution to reduce installation costs. This configuration includes a single or dual shedder bar(s), dual sensing elements, and dual transmitters for redundancy and 1oo2 voting to reduce unexpected shutdowns. The Quad Vortex model uses a dual shedder bar, quadruple sensor, and quadruple transmitter configuration to meet hardware fault tolerances and eliminate the need for multiple flow meters. This option offers the highest level of reliability to guard against spurious trips using 2oo3 voting and includes a fourth transmitter for process control.

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