Ethernet-based I/O

EtherIO technology from Advantech provides a cost-effective alternative to using field bus-based solutions for real-time data collection.

Advantech EtherIO
Advantech EtherIO

The technology transforms standard LAN ports into dedicated real-time I/O ports while using less than 10% of CPU processing resources. This provides an immediate solution that does not require additional expensive infrastructure and can be flexibly integrated with legacy equipment and systems. The system offers a real-time performance of 1 ms and can support up to 768 I/O points. It does not require specific hardware — users only need to download the EtherIO software driver provided on the company’s website free of charge to use existing Ethernet ports for real-time data acquisition. The technology allows not only data acquisition from sensors, but also serial communication with legacy devices, including programmable logic controllers, meters, and equipment.

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