Safety Gate Monitoring System

A remote escape release for the Pilz PSENmlock safety gate system offers the option of installing the safety gate switch at a place that the operator is unable to reach, for optimal protection.

Safety Gate Monitoring System
Safety Gate Monitoring System

Two versions of the optional escape release are available, which can be combined with all types of the safety gate sensor: A bar is used to connect the escape release directly to the base unit, while an escape release cordset works via a pull-push wire. The latter enables the installation of the safety gate system and escape release to be physically separate. It is particularly easy to install and low-maintenance, as the pull-push wire does not have to be under tension. So both versions of the optional escape release ensure maximum safety. The system provides safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personnel and process protection up to safety category PL e. With a holding force of 7500 N (1686 Lb), the safety gate system prevents guards from opening inadvertently and offers maximum safety. Thanks to the optional escape release, it can also be used for accessible doors to machines with hard-to-see hazardous areas.

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