Remote HMI Without Attached Display

The EA9-RHM headless C-more Remote Human-Machine Interface from AutomationDirect provides all the functionality of an EA9 touch panel without the extra cost of a touchscreen interface.

Remote HMI Without Attached Display
Remote HMI Without Attached Display

The unit is intended for the user who doesn't require a built-in human-machine interface (HMI), needs a larger display, or would rather use just the C-more mobile app. The headless unit supports an HD1280x720 pixel screen resolution with an HDMI output that supplies both video and audio out. The HMI has an 800 MHz CPU and 82 MB of project memory and includes two serial ports, USB 2.0 Type A and B ports, a built-in SD memory card slot and one Ethernet port. The Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port supports program download, remote Internet access, and communications to PLCs and PCs. USB port A can be used to connect various USB devices to the panel such as a touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, flash drive, and barcode scanner. The unit is compatible with EA9-PGMSW programming software.

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