IoT Connected Surge Protector

This latest surge protection device by Eaton enables remote monitoring of surge data, both real time and historical, that can be used to predict future surge events or proactive maintenance.

3 Eaton Io T Connected Surge Protector

The Power Xpert SPD is the latest addition to Eaton’s family of surge protective devices, which leverage advanced connectivity to help protect vital equipment from potentially devastating surge events. Offering advanced monitoring display and communication capabilities in addition to historical surge logging, the Power Xpert SPD is effective for industrial environments where avoiding downtime caused by surge events is critical. The Power Xpert SPD also enables customers to capture and categorize surge events by low, medium, and high categories, according to IEEE standard C62.41. The connected solution enables customers to remotely monitor surge data in real time or store events in a log with time and date stamps they can use to predict future surge events or enact proactive maintenance of critical equipment. 

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