Motor Control Embedded Processing

Sept. 27, 2023

Renesas is introducing two new MCU groups from its RA family of Arm Cortex-M devices and new RX26T Group MCUs from the RX family. The RA4T1 group delivers 100 MHz performance with up to 256 KB of flash and 40 KB SRAM. The new RA6T3 group offers 200 MHz operating frequency and provides 256KB of flash and 40KB SRAM. Both RA family groups feature package options from 32- to 64-pin, as well as integrated analog functions including 12-bit ADC, programmable gain amplifier, comparator and 12-bit DAC. The RX26T group MCUs from the RX family operate at 120 MHz with up to 512 KB of flash memory and 64 KB SRAM. They support 5V power supplies and provide TFUs, on-chip timing and interrupt control. The RX26T group also features dual motor support with FOC and PFC control on a single chip, a built-in high-speed on-chip oscillator, small QFN packages, dual-bank flash memory and Secure IP-Lite.