Product Spotlight: EZ5 Series Human-Machine Interface

Jan. 31, 2024

EZAutomation, a division of the AVG Group, has released its EZTouch EZ5 series of  HMI/operator interface panels in 4, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch display sizes with free  programming software. The USA-manufactured EZ5 HMIs feature an updated i.MX RT- based processor, two serial ports, an Ethernet port, two USB ports for program upload and  data-logging and a micro-SD slot for datalogging. Real-time access to process data stored  inside the HMI can then be sent to any computer or network via EZ’s File Manager utility,  essentially making the HMI a mini-SCADA package acting like a paperless chart recorder.

“The EZTouch HMI’s hardware and firmware is a key differentiator, as most HMIs require  the machine or process to be shut down to make a change in the HMI program,” said  Vikram Kumar, president and CEO of EZAutomation. “EZTouch HMIs have a patented  feature that allows the HMI program to be edited in real-time without the machine being  shut down. Such a feature, normally seen only in PLCs, is called ‘on-line editing’.  To put the  cost avoidance enabled by this on-line editing feature into perspective, consider a low  downtime cost of $1,000/hr. Based on common HMI update frequencies across industry,  this feature can save users tens of thousands of dollars within the first three months of  operation.”

Furthermore, the EZ5 HMIs can be accessed across multiple plants with the EZPlantview  software suite for monitoring and control of the HMI from any PC or network globally. The EZ5 HMIs also are equipped with remote access and control capability via iOS or Android app.

The EZminiWifi, which can be plugged into one of the serial ports in the EZTouch HMI,  enables users to program the HMI from up to 400 ft. away. According to EZAutomation, the combination of its patented on-line edit feature and the EZminiWifi allows users to make  changes to HMI screens without having to open the control cabinet or have any network  connection.

“EZAutomation’s HMIs also have a durable LED backlight that’s rated at 75k hours at temperatures as high as 55°C, whereas most HMIs are rated at 50k hours operation at 25°C. The EZTouch HMI displays also have a higher brightness of 400 NITs compared to the 230- 250 NITs found in many other HMIs,” said Kumar. “EZAutomation HMI’s also offer a  sunlight readable outdoor version that has up to 1000 NITS of brightness and a special UV-protected display and touchscreen.”

Other features of the EZ5 series HMIs include:

  • 65k colors for animation and object appearance. 
  • Rugged 0.090-in. thick anti-glare touch screen.
  • Unicode for multiple languages.
  • Full project simulation on a PC to preview and test your project before loading it on the  HMI.
  • Support for C-level scripting and logic expressions to minimize the burden on the PLC  and reduce PLC scan time, number of rungs and size of memory as these calculations can  be done off-line on the HMI.
  • Ability to communicate with all major brand PLCs.

“Since EZAutomation sells its products direct, the company offers a service to OEMs where  EZAutomation will load your program and perform a quality test of the HMI prior to  shipping,” added Kumar. “This service reduces the OEM’s costs associated with  programming each unit prior to installation on the machine. It also includes the application of a unique part number of the OEM’s choice providing a true ‘private label experience’ and  protecting the OEM’s intellectual property.”