May 2024 Product Roundup: Controllers

May 29, 2024


AC500-XC is an extreme condition PLC, resistant to high humidity, salt mist, vibration, high altitude (up to 4,000 m above sea level), and hazardous gases. It can withstand temperatures from -40 to +70°C.  It is scalable, flexible and offers the same engineering suite, I/O modules, communications modules and dimensions as ABB’s standard AC500 PLC. This PLC also features reinforced gold-plated connectors that withstand vibration, shock and corrosion, and sealed PCBs that prevent short circuits and corrosion—even in humid or dusty environments. 

Advantech Modular Computer

Advantech’s TPC-B300 computing box modules are powered by Intel Atom X6425E/Celeron J6412 processors to provide compact and fan-less control panels for high-performance computing. With a flexible modular design, TPC-B300 allows users to change the panel sizes (12 in to 23.8 in). The computing box has a DDR SODIMM slot for up to 32 GB. Additional features include a multiple sized front panel module offering the P-Cap multi-touch sensor (12.1-in and 19-in with 5-wire resistive touch), support for TPM2.0, and a wide temperature support range of -20 to +60°C.

AutomationDirect Codesys-Based Controller

The ProductivityCodesys system uses the same reliable hardware as the Productivity2000 PLC but with a high-powered Codesys engine-based CPU. By utilizing the Productivity2000 hardware, the P2CDS-622 CPU offers many of the features of the P2000 series such as 50 MB memory, plug-and-play USB programming, a high-speed Ethernet port for HMI and peer-to-peer or business system networking, a secondary multi-purpose Ethernet port for applications with multiple networks, MQTTS protocol support for secure cloud-based communication, and micro SD data logging from the CPU. The ProductivityCodesys CPU also benefits from the dual Ethernet ports with the enabling of multiple networks so IT and OT data can be separated.

Beckhoff IPC

The C6675 control cabinet Industrial PC (IPC) supports adaptive manufacturing and machine learning (ML). With properties typical of an industrial server, the C6675 consolidates numerous complex automation tasks previously handled by separate controllers into one high-powered device. The new control cabinet IPC is equipped with components of the highest performance class based on latest-generation Intel Celeron, Pentium or Core i3/i5/i7 platforms on an ATX motherboard designed and assembled by Beckhoff. The C6675 offers numerous expansion slots, including two PCIe-x1, two PCIe-x4, one PCIe-x16 and two PCI for full-length plug-in cards with a total of up to 300 W power. Two removable SSD or hard disk frames, in conjunction with the on-board RAID controller, form a RAID-1 system with two mirrored hard disks or SSDs. This ensures high data security, so hard disks or SSDs can be replaced during operation.

Emerson Rugged PC

The new PACSystems IPC 2010 compact industrial PC is a rugged industrial computer designed to handle a range of machine and discrete part manufacturing automation applications. It runs an industrial version of Linux, and includes serial and Ethernet connectivity, enabling the IPC 2010 to be used as a communications gateway in a variety of topologies, and simultaneously or separately as an edge computing device. Users can implement the IPC 2010 as a flexible protocol converter and for many other computing functions such as IIoT, edge, OT/IT convergence, HMI visualization, SCADA connectivity and digital transformation roles.

EZAutomation Rack-Mount PLC

The EZRackPLC is an industrial modular rack mount high-end PLC and/or I/O device with universal support for industrial network protocols such as EtherNetI/P, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT and the Sparkplug B protocol. The industrial network device can act as a master or slave device on an industrial node, When used with EtherNet/IP it can be used as a scanner and/or adapter supporting both explicit and implicit I/O messaging. 

Galco PLC

The SmartRelay series of programmable logic controllers from Galco comes with an RJ45 Ethernet port for remote downloading, uploading and monitoring. They are equipped with a micro-SD slot for program storage, transfer and data logging. Monitoring and controlling from a smartphone or tablet can be achieved through the SmartRelay App for iOS and Android devices. The ability to network up to 16 SmartRelays makes this PLC suitable for simple automation tasks.

KEB America Safety PLCs

KEB’s suite of Safety PLCs, Safe I/O Modules, and Safe PLC programming software for automation systems are TÜV Rheinland certified to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and EN/ISO 13849-1 PL e. KEB’s Safety PLC is a fail safe over EtherCAT master used in tandem with the machine PLC to execute and monitor the safety functions of the machinery. It connects with other FSoE slave modules like Safe I/O and servo drives with safe motion functionality. Each FSoE slave device has four safe inputs, two safe outputs and four OSSD outputs. One FSoE master can control up to 65,535 slave devices.

Omron Machine Automation Controller

The NX502 Automation Controller and NX-EIP201 EtherNet/IP (EIP) unit are designed to enhance manufacturing speed and efficiency. These integrated control technologies offer seamless integration of control, information and safety. Key features include 512 tag sets per EIP unit, with maximum of four EIP units per NX502; bandwidth of EIP bandwidth 40,000 pps/unit; 1 Gbps EIP port allowing for full use of Quad Core CPU, OPC UA and SQL standard; up to 64 axes of motion, 256 EtherCAT nodes and 254 CIP Safety connections; 80 MB program memory allowing for increased function block utilization, 250s EtherCAT refresh speed removing jitter in motion.

Pepperl+Fuchs Thin Client Controller

The latest addition to the Pepperl+Fuchs industrial box thin client portfolio, the BTC22, has a robust design with no moving parts and is optimized for 24/7 operation in industrial settings. The closed aluminum housing is dust-resistant and designed for the industrial temperature range of 0°C to +55°C, creating a variety of application possibilities and installation options. Additional features include long-term support with product availability of more than 5 years, up to 3x full HD monitors via display ports and USB-C Alt Mode, 4K screen resolution of up to 60 Hz for modern large screens, and three dedicated Gigabit Ethernet ports.

SoftPLC PLC Series

The MLX series of PLCs provide 16 digital inputs and outputs, five analog inputs, two RTD inputs and four analog outputs.  Many serial and Ethernet communication protocols are standard, with an option for Data Highway Plus or A-B Remote I/O. The MLX PLCs can be used as an alternative to Rockwell Automation MicroLogix. Existing applications can be imported into the MLX. The unit has a similar I/O count and physical size as MicroLogix, and existing HMIs and other connected devices can be used seamlessly. 

Wago Compact Controller

Wago’s Compact Controller 100 (750-9401) has a dual core processor with a mix of 18 digital and analog onboard I/O channels. Programmed with Codesys 3.5 software, it comes equipped with a RS-485 serial port, dual Ethernet ports, a USB-C port for direct configuration connection as well as a CANopen communication port.  The CANopen port makes it easier to expand applications where more digital I/O may be needed or when connecting to other devices such as sensors or J1939-enabled devices.