SPS/IPC/Drives Fair sets the stage for controls innovation

April 4, 2013
It’s been many years since the iconic National Manufacturing Week took place in the US. And if you’ve been to any recent automation events in North America, you’ve likely been underwhelmed. The innovations are out there, there just doesn’t seem to be a dynamic venue here like there is in Europe -- the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair that takes place in Nuremberg each November. SPS is the German acronym for PLC, IPC stands for industrial PCs of course, and we all know about drives, a.k.a. motion control.

This video gives an impression of innovations introduced by Automation Strategies sponsor B&R Industrial Automation at this important event.  You’ll see a booth packed with visitors and allusions to powerful new robotic, multi-touch HMI, PC, integrated motor/drive, networked safety and the Automation Studio software development suite.

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