White Paper: Gigabit Ethernet: Meeting the Future with Increased Bandwidth

April 11, 2007
Since the mid-1990s, Ethernet networks have become ubiquitous. They are used in offices, in homes, in workplaces, in building automation, and with increasing dominance, not just frequency, on the factory floor. In this whitepaper, Paul Wacker of Advantech Corporation explores Gigabit Ethernet, and what the future holds.
The biggest reason for the dominance of Ethernet as a networking protocol is the fact that it is used exclusively by Enterprise IT departments within the enterprises they network. Most offices in most buildings built after 1990 are pre-wired for Ethernet, with multiple Cat-5 cables pulled into each office, ready to hook up. Because Ethernet is such a widely used protocol, large numbers of technicians and programmers understand it, and can work with it. Microsoft Windows is designed to work easily with Ethernet local area networks in the enterprise. The availability of Internet connections and TCP/IP over Ethernet makes it possible to connect local networks to other networks creating an enterprise-wide WAN.Download the white paper now