White Paper: Ensure product and process quality with flow sensors from Festo

July 11, 2007
Flow sensors are key to analyze, optimize and maintain the air consumption of a pneumatic application. Learn more by downloading this valuable white paper today.
Wasting compressed air is usually harmless to the environment. This may be the reason why air leaks are often not taken seriously. The fact is compressed air is the most expensive energy available in a production facility. Consequently, air leaks are often-times an underestimated waste of energy and a waste of money. In today's highly competitive markets, manufacturing companies and machine builders may be surprised to learn that costs for compressed air can range up to $ 0.30 per 1000 scf. Wasted compressed air may be harmless to the environment, but it is not harmless to the bottom line. When cost is an issue, it is absolutely essential to recognize when compressed air is exhausting into the atmosphere. The importance of compressed air Second only to electricity, compressed air is the most important energy carrier in industry. There is hardly a factory that can function without compressed air. For many industrial applications,pneumatic drives are the preferred drive technology. Pneumatic drive technology is often selected due to its advantageous characteristics including overload resistance, extraordinary service life, economy, ease of assembly, reliability, cost factors and safety aspects.Download the whitepaper now