ABB technologies that changed the world Part five: extended automation

June 29, 2009
ABB pioneered one of the world's first distributed control systems in the early 1980s and remains to this day the global market leader and the company with the largest installed base of process automation systems worldwide.

When a 46-year-old GE transformer at Duke Energy’s W.C. Beckjord generating station unit 5 failed, Duke corporate engineer John Flick pressed into service a 40-year-old spare transformer of questionable reliability, and sought options. A new transformer was not an option, as Flick needed a fast solution.

ABB’s TRES (Transformer Remanufacturing and Engineering Services) organization, however, delivered just the option he needed. ABB TRES offered to redesign and upgrade the failed transformer by replacing the necessary components to make it new and reliable again - in only 15 weeks.

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