TTEthernet in Motion

Oct. 19, 2011
TTEthernet from TTTech opens the use of Ethernet for all areas of application. From classic Web services to time- and safety-critical control systems, the network makes available all necessary services.
In the past, many special bus systems have been developed for use in automobiles, trains, planes, and aerospace that fulfill the requirements in these areas of application particularly well. However, these bus systems are typically not well suited for tasks other than the ones for which they were originally intended. Because of this, for many years multiple bus systems have been used in parallel in many applications. This heterogeneity should be reduced. A 40-year-old network promises help: Ethernet.In the last few years, new variations of Ethernet have been introduced, mainly for use in the automation of machines and production facilities, bringing the office and industry ever closer to each other. But also in safety-critical facilities, in energy distribution, in cars, trains, airplanes and spacecraft, the use of Ethernet promises a great deal of potential for new applications, simplification, and cost-saving.Download white paper from TTTech