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White Paper: The Risk Assessment Process

Aug. 1, 2014
Part 2 of 5 in a series addressing the primary milestones to a safe machine

When undertaking machine safety activities, it is always important to have a clearly structured process to be used as a guideline. With such a process in place, it is easier to ensure consistent results that coincide with the EH&S goals of an organization. A well-conceived risk assessment process is the answer to many of the pitfalls that disturb companies implementing safety measures. When the organization is multinational, the importance of a standardized approach is even more apparent.
To confirm that appropriate risk reduction measures have been taken, one must first assess the inherent risk(s) associated with a machine or process. “Risk Assessment,” as it is aptly named, is the methodology of analyzing and evaluating the risks. When combined with a risk reduction process to eliminate, reduce, or otherwise address the risks, an organization can demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken to suitably reduce the risk, while also ensuring that the measures applied are not grossly over dimensioned for the level of the associated hazards.