New Operator Panels with Upgraded iX Software

June 1, 2011
A new line of operator panels, called the ix Panel TxA, offers three different sizes and comes equipped with the company's upgraded iX 1.30 software.

The company offers these thin-film transistor (TFT) displays in 4.3-,  7- and 10.4-in. sizes, which feature LED dimmable backlighting for longer life. The TFT technology provides higher contrast ratios and viewing angles, the company says. Other features include a lightweight aluminum housing, built-in Ethernet, USB and four serial ports. These panels also offer the upgraded iX 1.30 software. The upgraded software allows for production reports that can be exported into external databases, reduce programming time with online controller settings, and an improved alarm view that can notify the operator via screen, printer, SMS or email of events that require action.

Beijer Electronics, Inc.

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