Actuator Integrates Proximity Sensor

May 13, 2011
An integrated end-of-stroke proximity sensor is available on the one-inch 25000 Series captive linear actuators.

The proximity sensor uses miniature hall effect technology in an IC package mounted directly on the actuator, and is said to provide virtually unlimited on-off cycle life due to the non-contact operation of the switch. A highly repeatable on/off signal is accomplished using a rare earth magnet embedded directly on the end of the internal screw. The proximity sensor is designed to operate in a digital switch mode using an open-collector output through an integrated NPN transistor switch. The proximity switch is a 3 wire device and requires a supply voltage of 3.8VDC minimum to 24VDC maximum with a current consumption of 10mA max. 

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

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