System Learns, Predicts Failures

mVision is billed as the first machine-learning platform with turnkey integration to all leading operations and maintenance systems used in manufacturing.

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The technology was developed by a team of data-mining experts with more than a decade of experience applying machine-learning techniques to large commercial and military data warehouses. mVision, which is offered on a pay-as-you-go SaaS (software as a service) model, applies a combination of supervised and unsupervised learning techniques to determine predictors of equipment failure, and then continuously monitors for them. The platform includes pre-built adapters for maintenance, automation and condition-monitoring systems, converting all data into the MIMOSA open standard data model. The use of an open standard data model and messaging protocol enables mVision to integrate with a wide variety of data sources, and also enables extensibility. mVision was designed to handle very noisy data and variable manufacturing environments.


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