Laser Scanner Protects Personnel

The AG4 Safety Laser Scanner uses pulses of Class 1 infrared laser light to locate the position of objects in its field of view, and is designed to protect personnel by safeguarding both stationary and mobile hazards within a user-designated area.

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Simple installation and intuitive configuration software are designed to make the AG4 dependable, yet easy to apply. The AG4 effectively safeguards irregularly-shaped areas not suitable for a standard two-or three-piece safety light screen, says the vendor. It is also well suited as a replacement solution for high-maintenance safety mats that are routinely damaged by repetitive operation or adverse environments. By meeting all requirements for Type 3 per IEC 61496-1/-2, Category 3 PLd per EN ISO 13849-1, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 per IEC 61508, the AG4 is designed to deliver superior performance in applications including area guarding, access/perimeter guarding, and automated guided vehicle (AGV) collision avoidance.

Banner Engineering Corp.

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