Combined Vibration/Temperature Monitoring

The A6630 temperature module is designed to complement the vibration monitoring capabilities already available in the CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor by delivering critical bearing temperature measurements.

Aw 935 1102 Np16

The A6630 module accepts RTD and thermocouple signals directly, reducing the installation cost and complexity of temperature monitoring. Whether striving for uptime, machinery protection or safety, temperature is an important parameter when monitoring critical turbomachinery, compressors and steam turbine generators. In keeping with the API 670 specification, the A6630 has six or fewer channels per module, 4-20mA outputs, and includes relay logic for voting and automatic machine trips.  Additionally, the CSI 6630 is hot swappable and supports the Easy Integration feature for fast connection to the vendor’s DeltaV and Ovation process automation systems.

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