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Linear Sensors Extend Range

The R-Series linear-position sensors product line has been expanded by doubling the available length for the flexible pipe version.

Aw 1253 1011 Mts
The absolute, non-contact Temposonics Model RF position sensor now facilitates installation in tight spaces with lengthy measuring ranges up to 20 meters. The sensors can operate in a curved position to detect curvilinear measurements at a minimum radius of 200mm. Even at long measuring distances, the high-performance electronics inside the sensor head provide accurate sensing results, says the vendor. The sensor features 0.0025mm repeatability, and a linearity deviation of < ± 0.02 % F.S. A variety of output options are also available for the Model RF sensor, along with numerous interfaces, including analog, SSI, CANbus, Profibus-DP, EtherCat, and Powerlink.

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division

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