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Sensor Detects Irregular Shapes

The WL27-3 Reflex Array photoelectric sensor is designed to provide reliable leading edge detection of irregular shaped objects.

Aw 1255 1011 Sick
Any object 12mm or larger is detected with the Reflex Array’s 50mm detection height, regardless of object properties or position within the array—including clear materials, says the vendor. The WL27-3 Reflex Array provides low-cost area detection in a standard sensor platform. Operating in a “reflex” (retro-reflective) mode results in only having to mount and power a single device, reducing costs. Further, an intuitive alignment/teach procedure quickly ensures the device is operating under ideal conditions with the reflector, says the vendor. A high-resolution version offers a Minimum Detectable Object (MDO) resolution down to 5mm with 24mm detection height.

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