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Rugged ORP Sensors

The S10 and S17 ORP Sensors (for oxidation reduction potential) feature a no-glass design with platinum or gold sensor tips to operate safely in a wide range of the most demanding applications.

Aw 1257 1011 Ecdi
The S10 and S17 Sensors come with easily replaceable ORP cartridges that plug into a rugged 316 stainless steel body, which incorporates the sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner with cabling. The S10 is an immersion or insertion style sensor, and the S17 is a valve retractable style sensor. The ORP electrode cartridge features rugged PEEK (polyetheretheketone) construction and measures from -2,000 to +2,000 millivolts over a temperature range of 23ºF to 176ºF (-5ºC to 80ºC). The ORP sensors are available with the Sentinel option to monitor the reference electrode potential and display measurement drift graphically and/or with a 4-20mA output providing a predictive maintenance alert before reference electrode degradation causes problems to occur.

Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

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