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Nanoline controller text messaging capability

With the introduction of a GSM modem, Phoenix Contact's Nanoline controller can now provide easy control capability via text message from virtually anywhere in the world.

Aw 1790 1005 Phoenix Pr

The modem uses the Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication network, the same network that supports cellular phones.

The modem sends text messages via the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol to and from remote locations that require simple control capabilities. Applications include remote pumping or monitoring sites, or nearly any location with cell phone coverage. The addition of the GSM modem enables the Nanoline to act as a remote-terminal unit (RTU) with the added ability to solve logic.

The GSM modem's phone book can store up to eight phone numbers that can be configured to send program messages and/or fault or warning messages. The phone book can also limit access of incoming SMS messages, which can read and write data as well as control outputs.

The Nanoline is a small, flexible controller for simple applications. It uses the free-to-download Nanonavigator software for easy programming and hardware configuration. Nanoline can be programmed in Relay Ladder Logic (RLL) or flow chart language. In addition to the GSM modem, the Nanoline family also includes several other expansion modules for I/O, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and USB.

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