VisionPro Machine Vision Software Supports Windows 7

April 7, 2010
Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX) today announced a new release of VisionPro®, the company’s popular, hardware-independent machine vision software.

VisionPro 6.1 expands operating system coverage by including support for Microsoft® Windows® 7. Other customer-driven enhancements include line scan distortion correction and ToolBlock, a feature that simplifies management of vision tools and enables quicker integration.

"VisionPro 6.1 shows Cognex’s commitment to customers by giving them the option to deploy applications on their platforms of choice," said Markku Jaaskelainen, Executive Vice President and Business Unit Manager for Vision Software. "VisionPro 6.1 supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7 operating systems in five different languages, giving users a total of 30 different fully-tested development and deployment options. This provides a painless platform migration path at a low cost for customers who need to move quickly in today’s competitive environment."

Analog and Camera Link frame grabbers are compatible with Windows 7 in VisionPro 6.1, and FireWire DCAM and GigE vision drivers have been updated for Windows 7 compatibility. Both 32 and 64 bit development are possible in English, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. VisionPro’s framework enables users to switch seamlessly between 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

Simple line scan calibration
VisionPro 6.1 includes a new line scan distortion correction tool that eliminates horizontal lens distortion and equalizes pixel width across the sensor. This new tool also makes calibrating line scan cameras easier by enabling VisionPro to generate the required data using a set of lines from a still object.

Easier application set up
VisionPro 6.1 introduces ToolBlock, an enhancement to VisionPro’s existing ToolGroup. ToolBlock adds new features such as Drag & Drop Terminal, a graphical method for linking multiple vision tools, and Simple Script, which significantly reduces the amount of scripting needed to set up complex applications. ToolBlock also offers rich graphics capability that makes it easy for users to customize their result displays with little investment of time or effort.

VisionPro is the vision software of choice for system integrators, machine builders, OEMs, and advanced manufacturing engineers. In addition to rapid application development, VisionPro provides PatMax®, the premier software for object location, and other industry leading vision tools. VisionPro supports a wide range of acquisition hardware to offer an extensive range of price and performance options for virtually all types of image capture.

VisionPro 6.1 is currently available. For more information and to download trial software, visit

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