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Fast, Bluetooth I/O Communication

The 750-644 Bluetooth RF-Transceiver module provides fast, bidirectional, wireless communication between I/O nodes.

Aw 2380 0911 E Wago

Within 10ms, the module exchanges data up to 1000m (line-of-sight) or 100m (within buildings). One module master can communicate with up to seven slaves on a Personal Area Network (PAN), also known as a piconet, via Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio technology. Slave-to-slave data transmission is possible indirectly through the master. The module offers robust communications with frequency-hopping procedures and adaptive transmitting power technologies, which allows the piconet to co-exist with other radio technologies found in industrial applications. Additionally, the data exchange can be encrypted, maximizing security. The module carries eight on-unit LEDs for on-site diagnostics of interference, signal quality and timeouts.

Wago Corp.

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