Wireless Ethernet Port Adapters

Based either on Bluetooth or Wireless LAN 802.11 technology, the Rugged Bluetooth Ethernet Port Adapter (RBEPA) and Rugged Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter (RWEPA) are well-suited for mobile, rotating and temporary installations where there is a need for replacing the Ethernet cable with a robust and maintenance-free wireless connection.

Aw 3267 0901 Connect
The products use a unique method to improve wireless coexistence without damaging the Bluetooth conformity or the interoperability with other devices, says the vendor, while the built-in antennas uses a unique radiation pattern. Thereby, the products are designed to optimize the installation process as well as lower the installation costs in demanding applications. Thanks to the “Smart” configuration mode, the user can simply push a button when configuring and initiate automatic configuration. In addition, there is a Web browser configuration tool. The products also support roaming.

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