Intrinsically Safe Wireless Transceiver

Billed as an entirely new way to collect analog, digital and temperature information in hazardous areas, the DX99 Battery-Powered Node combines three technologies in a single housing: battery-based power supply, robust wireless technology, and intrinsically safe operation.

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By moving the intrinsically safe power supply from the control room to the wireless transceiver, the DX99 is designed to reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional explosion-proof and intrinsically safe methods of sensing within hazardous areas. The unit uses a liquid lithium battery to produce an intrinsically safe power source for the transceiver and an external third-party sensor. When combined with low-power consumption sampling electronics, the standalone unit can operate for up to 10 years on a single battery, says the vendor. The DX99 wireless technology was designed to transmit and receive at up to 3 miles.

Banner Engineering Corp.
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