Wireless Data Acquisition System

A wireless data acquisition system with up to 247 remote transmitters provides analog and contact inputs with Modbus RTU data output.

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The DR9050 Controller acts as the portal between a Modbus Master Controller and from 1 to 247 remote DR9051R wireless transmitters, each of which provides analog and contact closure data transmission to the controller. The DR9050 outputs standard Modbus RTU data via an RS485/422 data port. The DR9050 can be wired in parallel with other Modbus products to create a system that includes the wireless data acquisition as well as hardwired products. The DR9050/DR9051R  system offers a choice of 3 radio frequencies; 2 in the 915MHz ISM band and 1 in the 2.4GHz band. All use spread spectrum frequency hopping technology.

Wilkerson Instrument Co. Inc.

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