High-performance Megapixel Camera

The GE1050 megapixel CCD camera is a high-resolution camera with Gigabit Ethernet interface capable of running at 60fps at 1000x1000 resolution and faster using Area of Interest (AOI) Readout.

Aw 3618 0809 Prosil
The camera incorporates Kodak’s KAI-01050 megapixel, ½-inch optical format, progressive scan CCD sensor with low-noise architecture, excellent smear performance, and electronic shutter, says the vendor. The camera is fitted with a C-Mount with adjustable back focus and is available in color or monochrome models. The camera is essentially plug-and-play and does not require a frame-grabber to operate. The interface allows cable lengths of up to 100m (300ft) long using conventional Ethernet cabling (Cat5e). For users that prefer third-party imaging libraries and applications, the cameras are compatible with industry-leading software from Matrox, National Instruments, Stemmer Imaging, Norpix, MVTec and others.

Prosilica Inc.

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