Cost-Effective Vision Sensors

Aug. 1, 2006
The DVT 515 and DVT 535 are billed as the most affordable, capable and easy-to use vision sensors in their class.

“The DVT 515 and 535 are not limited to a single or even a few generic machine vision functions, but handle a much broader range of applications than similarly-priced vision sensors,” says Kris Nelson, senior vice president, vision systems, at the vendor. “It’s also very easy for users to combine vision tools to inspect, measure, count, find features and compare patterns in order to automate inspection and ensure quality in a variety of applications and industries.” The DVT 515 and DVT 535 are the lowest cost models in the DVT vision sensor family. The DVT 515 is priced at $1,995, the same as the 510 model it replaces. It has a new processor that increases speed by 50 percent over the 510 and a new CMOS image that reduces image blur and noise compared to the 510. The 535 costs $3,495, which is $600 less than the 530 model that it replaces. It also has a new processor that delivers a 50 percent speed increase, and a new CCD imager provides sub-pixel resolution for high-accuracy gauging applications.