Pleora Technologies: Embedded Video Interface

Nov. 14, 2013
The iPORT NTx-GigE integrates GigE Vision 2.0-compliant video connectivity into cameras, x-ray detector panels, and imaging systems.

The unit delivers design and performance advantages that speed the path to GigE Vision 2.0 compliance - including enhanced synchronization of image capture functions with other system elements - while reducing time-to-market, increasing reliability, and lowering cost. Its small size (37 mm x 37 mm x 28 mm) makes it easy to embed into small-body cameras, flat-panel imaging devices x-ray detectors, and imaging systems. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and external power options, combined with power consumption of approximately 2 watts when streaming video at 1 Gb/s, provides design flexibility while reducing component and operating costs, while metadata, such as results of image pre-processing or the exact position of a quadrature encoder at the time the image was captured, can be added to each image transmitted over the GigE link. Synchronization of multiple cameras and imaging devices to a network master clock with up to 1 µs precision enables exact triggering of image acquisition using the GigE Vision 2.0 action command feature.

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