GTI: Wireless Measuring Tools

Dec. 9, 2014
This wireless measurement system takes advantage of sensors many users already have.

The system supports digital instruments with SPC output from Mitutoyo, Fowler and Starrett. It reads digital micrometer/dial/caliper readings and communicates wirelessly with the iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing real-time view of the plot directly on the screen of a device. Hardware features include resolution of 0.001 mm (reading from the instrument); rotating angle resolution of 1°, wireless working range of up to 20 m, an 850 mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged via 5 VDC USB and 110 VAC and a built in rotation sensor auto detecting 360° rotation. Application features include the ability to display acquired data in real-time graph; continuous or single measurement recordings; pinch, pan, max, min, average, TIR (total indicator reading) & threshold/indicator and quick custom PDF report with results, graphs, image, logo, signature, map and GPS location.

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