Gems: Heavy Duty Explosion Proof Pressure Transducers

The 31EP/EA and 32EP/EA Series are designed to withstand the environmental and pressure conditions common to oil and gas equipment applications.

Aw 35548 1501np Gems

Reliable over more than 100 million cycles, the transducers incorporate sputtered thin-film pressure sensing technology, all stainless steel wetted parts and IP67 enclosures. Their compact design facilitates ease of installation within space-constrained hazardous environments. Series transducers are offered as standard with choice of either CSA or ATEX hazardous area approval, including CSA (31EP/32EP) Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class I, Zone 1 Exd IIC T4 Gb; Class I, Zone 1 AExd IIC T4 Gb as well as ATEX (31EA/32EA), Exd IIC T4 Gb (ambient temperature: -40 to +95 °C). Units are available with a broad selection of pressure ports, electrical outputs, cable lengths and configurations. The designated "32 Series" of each group features higher proof pressure specifications. In addition, depending upon selected range, full-scale burst pressure performance can exceed 60,000 PSI (4000 bar).

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