Gems: Heavy Duty Explosion Proof Pressure Transducers

Dec. 31, 2014
The 31EP/EA and 32EP/EA Series are designed to withstand the environmental and pressure conditions common to oil and gas equipment applications.

Reliable over more than 100 million cycles, the transducers incorporate sputtered thin-film pressure sensing technology, all stainless steel wetted parts and IP67 enclosures. Their compact design facilitates ease of installation within space-constrained hazardous environments. Series transducers are offered as standard with choice of either CSA or ATEX hazardous area approval, including CSA (31EP/32EP) Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class I, Zone 1 Exd IIC T4 Gb; Class I, Zone 1 AExd IIC T4 Gb as well as ATEX (31EA/32EA), Exd IIC T4 Gb (ambient temperature: -40 to +95 °C). Units are available with a broad selection of pressure ports, electrical outputs, cable lengths and configurations. The designated "32 Series" of each group features higher proof pressure specifications. In addition, depending upon selected range, full-scale burst pressure performance can exceed 60,000 PSI (4000 bar).

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