Wachendorff: Incremental Rotary Encoders

Dec. 31, 2014
The WDGI series has enhanced performance.

The company's WDG series of incremental encoders has been enhanced and renamed the WDGI series. The operating temperature range of the standard encoder with connector outlet has been expanded to -40 to 85 °C; resolution to 1,200 ppr is available with pulse frequencies of up to 600 kHz (TTL) or 2 MHz (HTL). Units are available with maximum bearing loads up to 500 N in both axial and a radial load directions. They feature die-cast aluminum housings with an eco-friendly powder coating and protection class up to IP67, with shaft sealed to IP65. The units offer full connection protection at 10 VDC up to 30 VDC, and feature an optional pressure compensation membrane for use where temperatures change quickly in high-humidity environments.

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